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China’s Cheese Market Remains Promising!

Chinas Cheese Market Remains Promising!
Resource: China Food Newspaper
Driven by favorable policies and consumption upgrades, the prospects for China's cheese market are promising. However, accompanied by great situations, there are many problems. According to relevant data and surveys, a tremendous supply gap remains in China's cheese market. There are only 45 domestic companies that have obtained cheese production licenses, of which less than twenty are actually produced. Even if the company is put into production, the output is still low. Taken SANYUAN as an example. Although it is the largest cheese production base in North China, its annual output is only 10,000 tons.
Compared with the heated discussion about cheese, the companies still be cautious. The reason is easy to find. Some problems still restrict their investment in cheese production.
On the one hand, the investment risk is relatively high due to that the market size is not large enough. As the high value-added products, cheese products need a huge investment for production. However, the current cheese consumption market in China is not large enough. If the manufacturer cannot resist the pressure during certain periods, they would lose money easily because of the mass production. On the other hand, the raw materials of cheese are particular, which requires a large amount of high-quality milk as the basis. But most of China's high-quality milk is sold directly to the market, leaving no excess raw material to make cheese. And this is also one of the biggest obstacles to domestic cheese production.
In general, China’s cheese industry is still in its infancy, and driving the growth of cheese consumption demand is the key to solving the problem. On the one hand, consumer awareness of cheese needs to be raised, especially the guidance of cheese consumption, eating habits, and the promotion of cheese culture. The data shows that nearly 24% of consumers passively consume cheese. On the other hand, cheese processors should innovate and develop new technologies for cheese production, introduce cheese production lines, enrich the category and develop Chinese-style cheese products to meet the domestic eating habits and tastes.
In fact, the nutritional value of cheese has been recognized by more and more Chinese consumers, and the cheese consumer market is expanding. According to the situation, snacks made from cheeses will become a fashionable choice for young people. With the development of technology, the quality of cheese will be further improved, and the subdivision of brand products will become more clear. Meanwhile, the liquid milk market has become increasingly saturated, and market competition has become increasingly fierce. Only by grasping the opportunities and seeking new growth points can enterprises accelerate the adjustment and upgrade of their product structure and enhance their ability to cope with industry risks. It can be seen that the development potential of the cheese market remains to be tapped.