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China’s Pasteurized Milk Market Is Gaining Traction
China’s Pasteurized Milk Market Is Gaining Traction
Following the footsteps of Fonterra, Mengniu and many other homegrown and overseas players, Junlebao, a major dairy vendor in the northern part of China, has also announced to enter the domestic Pasteurized milk market recently.
At its product launch this Nov., Wei Lihua, President of Junlebao, explained that Junlebao was very bullish about the market prospect of Pasteurized milk in China, where the market share of Pasteurized milk was less than 25%, far below the nearly 99% market share in developed countries of Europe, North America, and East Asia. 
Restricted by under-developed cold chain and logistic technologies, China’s Pasteurized milk market has suffered from sluggish growth for years. But today, growing market demand and maturing technologies are opening up new opportunities.
Healthy and High-end, Pasteurized Milk Is Catching on in China!
Data show that in recent years, dairy vendors in China are rolling out new Pasteurized milk products at an average growth rate of 18.5%, while new room-temperature milk products remain single-digital growth. This is partially due to Chinese consumers’ growing preference for healthy and high-end products.
New Technologies Are Creating More Possibilities!
Over the years, many Chinese dairy companies have perfected their cold chain logistic systems for their yogurt business, which has inadvertently created a desirable condition for the development of Pasteurized milk products.
In the meanwhile, new preservation techniques are helping break more limits, too. For example, Julebao has adopted the latest INF disinfecting process in its new product, successfully extending its shelf life to 19 days, which was otherwise 7 to 11 days.  
Where to Seize Your Opportunity in China?
Hosted in Guangdong, a major dairy consuming city in China, Asia Dairy Expo (ADE) is a perfect opportunity for overseas exhibitors to get in touch with China’s dairy market. If you are interested in visiting or exhibiting, please don’t hesitate to contact us now!
2020 Asia Dairy Expo (ADE 2020)
Date:  July16th-18th, 2020
Venue:  China Import and Export Fair Complex