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China’s Dairy Industry Gathered in Guangzhou to Support 2020 Asia Dairy Expo!

China’s Dairy Industry Gathered in Guangzhou to Support 2020 Asia Dairy Expo!

The News Conference of 2020 Asia Dairy Expo (ADE) was successfully held in Guangzhou this early January, gathering many top players to have a warm-up for the upcoming ADE 2020 expo this March.

Hosted by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group and Guangdong Dairy Industry Association, the news conference brought together 100+ trade associations, leading dairy enterprises, media and etc, such as:

∙China Dairy Association
∙Hunan Dairy Association
∙Guangxi Dairy Association
∙Guangdong Food Industry Association
∙Fujian Dairy Association
∙Guangdong Cold Chain Association
∙China Feed Industry Association
∙The Animal Health Products Association of Guangdong Province
∙Guangzhou Guangming Dairy 
∙Guangdong Wens Product Group
∙Canton American Flower Lounge Livestock
∙Guangdong Yantang Dairy 
∙Guangzhou Kowloon Dairy
∙Guangzhou Flaship Development Group
∙Foshan Buffalo Company
∙Guangxi Baifei Dairy 
∙South China Agricultural University
... ...
Mr. Shao Mingjun, Deputy Secretary General of Dairy Association of China, enthused that China boasted of the largest emerging dairy market in the world, with its dairy products imports hitting 10 billion dollars in 2018, and Chinese citizens’ growing needs for better and richer variety of dairy products also signaled high market promise for enterprise both at home and abroad.
The successful staging of this news conference is a straw in the wind that ADE 2020 is going to be a resounding success, which will provide a platform for the diary industry to keep abreast with the latest dairy trends, and strengthen cooperation and technology exchanges. 
Currently, leading companies like Regilait (France), Laqtia (Spain), Canton American Flower Lounge Livestock, Ballya, Baifei Dairy and so on, have all confirmed their booths at ADE 2020. If you’re also interested, please don’t hesitate to join us today!
2020 Asia Dairy Expo (ADE)
Date: July16th-18th, 2020
Venue:China Import & Export Fair Complex
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