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    Post-show Report of PV Guangzhou 2023
    PV Guangzhou 2023  Exhibition Overview
    On 10 August 2023, Solar PV & Energy Storage World Expo 2023 (abbreviated as PV Guangzhou 2023) came to a successful conclusion! The three-day photovoltaic and storage event has provided a high-quality communication and networking platform for enterprises,traders, customers, and research organizations,which has connected up the resources of business partners, funds, and information.
    This year's exhibition is co-organized by the China Guangdong Solar Energy Association(GSEA),the Council for Promotion of Guangdong-Hongkong-Macao Cooperation,and Grandeur International Exhibition Group. Relying on the resources accumulated by the organizing committee of the previous 14 sessions of the exhibition to form a strong brand appeal, the exhibition attracted more than 1,200 exhibitors to participate, and the elites from all over the world were here to show the audiences the new equipment and new technologies, helping the photovoltaic industry to develop substantially and effectively.
    Scale of the PV Guangzhou 2023 
    The year’s PV Guangzhou is the biggest yet, with 100,000 square meters, 1200+ exhibitors, and 100,000+ professional attendees.
    This year’s content covers all aspects of the solar energy industry,which includes photovoltaic production equipment, photovoltaic materials,modules, inverters,batteries,brackets, photovoltaic systems, energy storage products, solar energy application products, etc.
    With favorable policies and updated technology,China's fast-growing production technology and photovoltaic storage market have gathered attention from the overseas photovoltaic storage market. Compared with last year's show, the online registration of overseas professional visitors has increased by more than 50 percent, surging to more than 7,800 this year.
    According to the statistics: PV Guangzhou 2023 has more than 100,000 visitors registered, of which over 7,800 are from overseas,mainly from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Japan, Korea, Canada, Turkey, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan,Bangladesh, Myanmar, Saudi Arabic, Israel, Romania, South Africa, Egypt, Lebanon, Albania, Mongolia, Morocco, Syria, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda,Ghana, Zimbabwe, United States of America, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Republic of Moldova,Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Netherlands,United Kingdom, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Austria, Belgium,and more than 100 other countries and regions.
    Concurrent events
    At the opening ceremony of the 2023 Solar PV & Energy Storage , speeches were given by invited guests, leaders of associations, and representatives of enterprises, such as the former director of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the inter-ministerial liaison advisor of national strategic emerging industries Ma Zui Liang, the chairman of the Guangdong Provincial Solar Energy Association (GSEA) Hu Guang liang, the director of the Research Institute of New Energy Technology of Jinan University Mai Yao hua,the president of the Distributed President of JA Solar Li Dong.
    During the exhibition,in-depth and extensive discussions have been held,involving the analysis of future PV and energy storage market trends, Internet + Intelligent Energy, cooperation and development strategies, policy guidance of various countries, the industry's most cutting-edge technologies, finance, etc .So as to make a better combination of academic depth and practical breadth fully reflect the value of the communication platform provided by PV Guangzhou 2023 for enterprises, users, research institutes, and trade associations.
    In the agenda of the two-day forum, representatives of enterprises and associations took investment and financing, technological innovation, trade and export, and marketing strategies as entry points, interpreted the national Belt and Road Renewable Energy Policy and Planning, and analyzed the current situation and future outlook of the PV and Energy Storage Industry in Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, and other places. We also had deep discussions and shared the latest reports and experiences on popular topics in industry, which included energy storage system integration,high-efficiency modules,Calcium Titanium Ore Batteries, high-efficiency ABC technology, practical applications of energy storage technology, rectifier components, PV cleaning, PV intelligent operation and maintenance solutions, and so on.
    Solar PV & Energy Storage World Expo 2024 Outlook
    In 2024 August 8-10, Solar PV & Energy Storage World Expo 2024 is expected to reach an exhibition scale of 150,000 square meters, bringing together 2,000+ exhibitors and 200,000+ professional visitors,deeply linking upstream, midstream, and downstream industry chain resources,building a one-stop business procurement platform.We believe it will keep opening a new level of photovoltaic energy storage ceremony, serving global commerce, and creating a new photovoltaic and storage bureau in the new era of PV and energy storage!