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Exhibition Scope
Sterilized Milk: Pasteurized milk, modified milk and other sterilized milk, etc.;
Fermented Milk Products: Fermented milk (yogurt), flavored yogurt, etc.;
Milk Powder: Whole milk powder, partially skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder with sugar, skim milk powder, flavored milk powder (whole milk, skim), bovine colostrum powder, formula milk powder, and others milk powder, etc.;
Milk-based Infant Formula: Milk-based formula for infants of different stages;
Cream, fermented dairy products, milk tea, cheese, condensed milk, whey powder, etc.;
Dairy processing machinery, filling and packaging machinery, transportation equipment, fluid equipment (valves, pipe fittings, pumps), production water and sewage treatment equipment, ink-jet printers, coding machines, testing equipment, product traceability systems, etc.;
Packaging and printing materials, dairy additives ( enzyme preparations, starter cultures, sugar alcohols), dairy production ingredients, dairy technology and relative books, etc.;
The whole industrial chain of dairy products, relative technology, facilities and equipment, comprehensive services, etc.;
Ice cream and cold drink manufacturing equipment;
Ice cream production lines, ice cream freezing machines, ice cream makers, popsicle machines, cold drink machine, frozen tanks, fried ice machines, automatic dicing machines, quantitative filling machines, margarine, etc.;
All kinds of new ice cream products, hand-made ice cream, milk-containing drinks, cold beverage, OEM, etc.;
Packaging, Printing, Processing and Production Equipment: Ice cream automatic packaging machines, ice cream cones, ice cream molds, plastic cups, flexible packaging production lines, cup making machines, compound flexible packaging, plastic sealing and trademark printing machines, automatic coding machines, various sterilization machines, sterilization pots, high pressure homogenizers, colloid mills, cone baking machines, etc.;
Food Additives and Ingredients: Vanilla concentrate for ice cream, ice cream compound emulsion stabilizer, natural pigment, food colouring, cyclamate, lactic acid bacteria, creamer, egg powder, soy flour, triglyceride monostearate, starch, maltodextrin, fresh cream, fruit powder, concentrated fruit juice, chocolate, coffee beans, coffee powder, etc.;
Commercial ice cream machines, ice-cream raw materials, sterilization machines, ice-cream display cabinets, cold drink machines and accessories, ice-cream vending machines, coffee machines, etc.
Relative facilities and supplies for ice-cream shop, cold drink shop, bar; ice cream chain stores and franchise stores, etc.;
All kinds of equipment and tools for quick-frozen and frozen foods, warehousing and transportation equipment, and other related food machinery, etc.